Jun 232013

I liked these insightful quotes from Hugh Laurie’s recent appearance on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4. Quoting from the article…

He said he had not learned to surf in California because he knew he would be photographed.

“You’re not allowed that sort of tentative first experience of anything without having your picture taken.”

Laurie said digital cameras did not exist when he signed up to play the main character, Doctor Gregory House, and now they are everywhere.

“People photograph everything and nothing – no interaction is deemed to have actually happened unless somebody has a picture of it,” he said.

“Nobody is satisfied with having met a person without having a picture to prove it.”

He added: “I think that is odd and I think it’s so odd I think it might actually be starting to alter the way we think about each other and the way we think about general day-to-day social interaction.”


Apr 172013

45 degrees down, we’ve fixed our gaze
Soon to be freed, so the feed can follow
New powers, new loses
Which is greater? We don’t know, but it’s happening anyway

Mar 302013

I love this track from Gary Clark Jr, it’s a beautiful gem sitting at the end of his latest album “Blak and Blu“. Watching him play “Next Door Neighbour Blues” live on this session amplifies that pleasure even more as I see the music flow through him and the effortless delivery.

Apart from simply wanting to share a great piece of music, I found this track deeply reassuring.  Reassuring that people are still making powerful, down home, deep blues today, that they can really deliver live and that this style of music is still reaching a wide audience, as evidenced by the 500k hits. I know all these things but seeing and hearing them like this is well, reassuring.

There are of course lot’s and lot’s of traditional Blues artists all over the world making music today. What I personally like about Gary Clark Jr is that he’s musically diverse.  He can bring you low fi songs like below but he also does things like this. He writes and plays so much more than shuffles and 12 bar covers. He’s has genuine musical depth. That’s where things get exciting for those of us who don’t see the blues as one dimensional, that want to see a new generation connect to the genre and take it somewhere else. There’s potentially younger audience in all those YouTube hits.

“Blak and Blu” is an album that will and is attracting people who ‘don’t like blues’ to love the genre. The genius of placing “Next Door Neighbour Blues” at the end of the album is that, end to end, it’s like a journey to the source of everything you just heard. After all those big riffs, soul tunes and dance grooves, this song hits your gut in a way nothing else can. It sounds so great precisely as it’s the only track of its type on the album.

Jan 262013
Jose James live video "Trouble"

Music interlude from Jose James. This track has a D’Angelo vibe. I’m enjoying his new album ‘No Beginning No End’,  but this live cut has a bit more energy than the album version. For good measure then, here’s a killer live version of Chicken Grease by D’Angelo, probably at the height of his last peak. [...]

New Live Appearances

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Aug 272012

Hello, some dates for your dairy over the coming weeks. Bottleneck Blues Club, Kent, Tuesday September 25th, 2012 I will be playing a gig with some friends at the Bottleneck Blues Club in Rochester, Kent, ME1 1DX. This is my first full live gig under my name since 2004. Yes it’s been a while. I’m [...]

Mar 152012

I came across this dark and moody animation for Good Books International on the ever fantastic This Is Colossal. Video by String Theory. Good Books “Metamorphosis” from Antfood on Vimeo.

Mar 062012

If by some remote chance you are not aware of TED then do yourself a favour and visit its site for a world of inspirational and fascinating talks. I’ve been watching TED videos for years but have never posted any this blog, I can’t think why. However, I just saw this marvellous one by Bryan [...]